About Catapult

Catapult Concepts is a 501(c)3 consultant team that comes alongside social change organizations to help them discover, distill, and deploy their unique vision.

That basically means go all Chuck Norris on inertia and propel ideas, people, and organizations forward.

We come alongside entrepreneurs, non-profit benefactors, and leaders of social change organizations when an idea needs massaging, an organization needs coaching, or a strategic initiative needs strategerizing. Some label us consultants or coaches or creators. Whatever we are, we unstick the stuck.  

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The Team

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Brian Goins // Co-Founder, President, +4 Handicap Disc Golfer

Brian dreams of living in Montana six months of the year with his wife Jen of 19 years, three kids, and dog Jammer. Most of the time he collaborates around world-changing ideas on napkins, whiteboards, or his ClamCase encrusted ipad,, but secretly wishes he was a carpenter. He loves to travel and speak on a variety of topics from manhood to marriage to why porn kills love. Somebody decided to publish his book, Playing Hurt: A Guy’s Strategy for a Winning Marriage – a book about marriage many men actually admitted they enjoy. He bleeds Tarheel blue.


Mike High // Co-Founder, CEO, Scratch Disc Golfer

Mike is a catalyst, counselor, coach, and consultant. He has been married to Victoria for 30 years, and has two daughters. He has a Business Degree and a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling. Mike spent 13 years helping to launch the most successful marriage conference of its kind in the world. Most recently, he has been providing consultation for larger organizations including; leadership training, managerial and vocational assessment, and CEO/COO/CFO leadership integration.

    Ryan Werner // CFO, Endurance Junkie

TJ Todd and Studio490 // Design Team, Indian Food Connoisseur

This Cajun has a broken road that lead straight out of the swamps of New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Tj has been in the creative industry for over 25 years. He started Studio490 with his wife Dana of 25 years back in Jan of 2007. He has turned Studio490 into a family business that services a wide range of Ministries and Corporate work nationwide. Tj says, they are just like Duck Dynasty without the money or the beards. Faith. Family. Create.