Fight the New Drug: Documentary Series

Catapult has partnered with Fight the New Drug to produce an innovative documentary series that will catalyze our country in a new conversation about an old problem: Pornography. Porn is the world’s first visual drug. It affects the same neurochemicals as heroin and cocaine. The stats are overwhelming: average age of first exposure is 11, 90% of kids will be exposed to internet pornography before they turn 18, and the average boy leaving high school is watching 50 clips…per week. Check out Stanford Emeritus Professor, Dr. Zimbardo’s Demise of Guys 4 minute TED Talk.

So we are producing a three part documentary for adolescents on the neurological, relational, and societal side-effects of pornography. See the overview here: Click to download


Fight The New Drug 

“Brian and Mike have been fun to work with on this documentary project. They’ve passionately helped us advance our mission, broaden our reach, and catalyze creativity. One warning – when they challenge you to disc golf, don’t put any money on the line!” Clay Olsen, founder of Fight the New Drug