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Webb Simpson, 2012 US Open Winner, 2014 Ryder Cup Team Member, Disc Golf Rookie

“My wife Dowd and I give to a number of worthy causes. But with one non-profit near to our hearts, we wanted to leverage more than just our financial resources. We wanted to see this organization clarify, deepen, and expand their influence. By partnering with Brian and the guys at Catapult, we felt like our gift went farther than just meeting an immediate need – we helped shape and sustain their future.”


Clay Olsen, founder of Fight the New Drug, Disc Golf Wannabe

“Brian and Mike have been fun to work with on this documentary project. They’ve passionately helped us advance our mission, broaden our reach, and catalyze creativity. One warning – when they challenge you to disc golf, don’t put any money on the line!”


Greg and Amanda Cash, WSJ Top 40 Under 40 Advisor, Founder of Uncommen

“When Amanda and I first started our non-profit organization, we spent a significant amount of time and money on ideas that never found traction. Brian and Mike helped shape our idea from concept to implementation at a very reasonable cost. They turned our passion to impact men around the world into a feasible, and truly, uncomMEN plan.”