Uncommen: Mobile Challenge App for Men

We Challenge U: solve the “man problem” in our culture. That’s the challenge Greg Cash and his team threw down to Catapult. As one of the top 40 financial advisors under 40 and a passionate philanthropist, he was tired of throwing money towards the symptoms of men who have abdicated their posts as leaders, husbands, and dads. It’s important to build shelters for battered women, care for the psychological and behavioral issues of fatherless kids, and deal with the fall out of broken marriages, but how many of societal ills could be solved if men stood up and acted like…men?

jack2So we produced, wrote, and helped them develop their creative content for an innovative mobile challenge app that connects men to each other and challenges them to win in areas that matter. We believe when men win; wives, kids, and society wins. And if you haven’t met the mascot, Jack yet, well, you don’t know Jack. 





“When Amanda and I first started our non-profit organization, we spent a significant amount of time and money on ideas that never found traction. Brian and Mike helped shape our idea from concept to implementation at a very reasonable cost. They turned our passion to impact men around the world into a feasible, and truly, uncomMEN plan.” Greg and Amanda Cash, Founder of Uncommen